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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wicked Local (online local news) October 28, 2013

Former Westwood librarian launches furniture business
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Wicked Local Photo/James Maimonis
Westwood resident Stacy Lee Church started her furniture painting business, Chroma Design, over the summer.
By James Maimonis/Correspondent
Westwood Press
Posted Oct 28, 2013 @ 10:28 AM

WESTWOOD — On May 31, longtime Westwood resident Stacy Lee Church stepped down from her position as library assistant in the children’s department at the Westwood Library to start her business and pursue her dream.
On June 1, her furniture painting business Chroma Design was born.
“I started painting last summer some of my own furniture. I took things I owned that I never liked and decided to sand them down and see what happens,” Church said.
“I’m just starting to work on what colors work on which shapes, and that’s really been trial and error, and I don’t mind doing things over.”
Church combines old furniture she’s collected over the years with new furniture she seeks out at yard sales and completely refines each entire piece. She sands every item down, touches up whatever needs fixing and adds layers of bright color paint with a shiny finish, giving the furniture a vibrant and life-like feel.
“My cousin was up from North Carolina a few weeks ago and she said, ‘your piece of furniture would be one thing in a room that would make someone happy,’ and that made me feel really good, because that’s exactly how I feel about it,” Church said.
Items Church mostly focuses on are tables, chairs and end tables, however she has no limits and will take on any challenge she can bring home.
This past weekend, Church held her first furniture show at the barn on the corner of Clapboardtree St. and Meadowbrook Rd., where she displayed 40-50 pieces of newly painted furniture.
Her goal is to show off and sell her furniture around four times per year.
In addition to her shows, Church also has a blog where she displays all her products.
“A lot of the stuff I buy, no one else really wants,” Church said. “With the blog, I try to show people what pieces look like when I got them and what they look like when they’re done, so that people see that you can take a piece of furniture that doesn’t really look like it’s much of anything and you can make it really cool.”
And for Church, the fact she can find an old piece of furniture and put her own unique spin on it is what keeps her going.
“A lot of the going out and hunting for the furniture is what makes it fun, she said. “I also love being at my house by myself for five hours, listening to music and painting. It’s relaxing. I love doing it. I’m so happy.”
To browse Church’s products, visit Chromafurnituredesign.blogspot.com and check back soon for the next show dates.
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