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Monday, September 8, 2014

Old House Journal refuses to credit Chroma Design for furniture

in situ OHJ print version


At Chroma Design we were very excited when we heard that a customer’s kitchen remodeling would be featured in Old House Journal, and that a photo of the cafe table we custom-painted, and the matching chairs we  sold to the homeowner would be highlighted.  When the August, 2014, issue came out, there was a beautiful picture of the table and chairs, but no mention of Chroma Design.  After contacting the editor-in-chief, Demetra Aposporos, the caption in the online version of the magazine was changed to read,  “A red table and chairs, painted by Chroma Design, brighten the breakfast nook,” (to see the online version of the article, visit http://www.oldhouseonline.com/black-white-bungalow-kitchen-makeover/) but Ms. Aposporos refused to print a correction in the print version of the magazine.  If you think artists, artisans, and craftspersons should be credited for their work, email Ms. Aposporos at DAposporos@aimmedia.com.  Maybe if she hears from enough people she’ll realize how important it is to creators of pieces to be credited when their work is photographer and published.  Thanks!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

chroma design’s furniture featured in Old House Journal

        A red table and chairs, painted by
           Chroma Design, brighten the
                   breakfast nook.

Black & White Bungalow Kitchen Makeover

Vintage design takes a bungalow kitchen from dowdy to divine.
Old House Journal, August 2014

table and chairs first featured on chroma design’s blog November 7, 2013

chairs during painting table during painting

in situ

Custom-painted Cafe Table and Chairs
A customer who came to my show at the barn loved a red chair I had brought to sit in.  She had bought a table at a consignment shop to fit in her small breakfast nook, and wanted me to paint the table red with a nice glossy finish that would be easy to clean, and she purchased 2 chairs from me which I painted to match the table.