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unique vintage and antique pieces refinished in handpainted contemporary colors with a polyurethane finish for durability and sheen

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

58 Day Street, Norwood

WP_001354 WP_001393

Holiday Showroom


chroma design Holiday Showroom

I’ve been working hard (so have Alison, Jerry, Jayne –thank you, thank you, thank you) to have chroma design’s new Holiday Showroom ready to open Saturday, November 30. The Showroom is at 58 Day Street, Norwood, MA. and will be open weekends only.  Pictures and hours to come.  Check out the pieces on the blog, then come see them in person.  My entire inventory will be there, although a few pieces which have been sold will be displayed with SOLD on tag.  I plan to bring a few pieces I’ve bought but haven’t worked on yet.  If you see something you like, I can custom paint the piece for you using your choice of color.  Come see us at the Holiday Showroom!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Custom-painted Cafe Table and Chairs

A customer who came to my show at the barn loved a red chair I had brought to sit in.  She had bought a table at a consignment shop to fit in her small breakfast nook, and wanted me to paint the table red with a nice glossy finish that would be easy to clean, and she purchased 2 chairs from me which I painted to match the table.

WP_001210  WP_001241
table during painting                                 chairs during painting
table and chairs in place at customer’s house

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Library Chairs

It turns out I only have 4 library chairs. 
WP_001284  WP_001239
original library chair                                  sanded chair with seat back removed
vinyl seatbacks                                     4 sanded chairs with backs removed

Monday, November 4, 2013

Library Chairs

I have a set of 5 old chairs that were being thrown away by the Boyden Library in Foxboro when their new library building opened.  Jerry rescued them and they’ve been languishing in my garage for months.  I saw this picture in the new issue of House Beautiful and kept thinking about how I could use as many of these colors together as possible.  I’ve decided to paint the frame of each chair a different color, and (hopefully) have the seat backs reupholstered in black. 
img083 img085